sae j517 series

hydraulic hoses


We offer a range of SAE J517 series hoses displayed in the table below.  This range offers a wide variety of pressure ratings, bend radius, and material configurations that all meet or exceed the requirements of a well-known hydraulic hose specification SAE J517.

Not all sizes are stocked at all times. Some specifications may vary. Please inquire about availability. ProPulse reserves the right to make any engineering or material changes at any time to our products for enhancement, performance, and quality.

Working Pressure Hose Selection:

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ProPulse Hose SeriesDN35681012161925313851
Inch1/83/161/45/163/81/25/83/411 1/41 1/22
100 Series SAE 100R1 AT, EN 853 1SN, Rubber Hydraulic Hose36253262311726102320188515221276913725580
200 SeriesSAE 100R2 AT, EN 853 2SN, Rubber Hydraulic Hose5800507547853987362531172392181213051160
400 SeriesSAE 100R4, Rubber Hydraulic Suction Hose300250200150100
1200 SeriesSAE 100R12, EN 856 R12, Multi-Spiral Rubber Hydraulic Hose406040604060406040603045
1300 SeriesSAE 100R13, EN 856 R13, Multi-Spiral Rubber Hydraulic Hose50755075507550755075
1400 SeriesSAE 100R14, SAE J517, Stainless Steel Braided PTFESee Catalog Page for Details
1500 SeriesSAE 100R15, Multi-Spiral Rubber Hydraulic Hose609060906090609060906090
1600 SeriesSAE 100R16, EN 857 2SC, Compact Rubber Hydraulic Hose58005075478040003625311723921812
1700 SeriesSAE 100R17, Compact Rubber Hydraulic Hose3045304530453045304530453045
1800 SeriesSAE 100R18, Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose304530453045304530453045304530453045
1900 SeriesSAE 100R19, Compact Rubber Hydraulic Hose40604060406040604060
1SC SeriesEN 857 1SC, Compact Rubber Hydraulic Hose3262311726102320188515221276
2SC SeriesEN 857 2SC, Compact Rubber Hydraulic Hose5800507547853988362531182393
4SH SeriesEN 856 4SH, Multi-Spiral Rubber Hydraulic Hose60905510470042003625
4SP SeriesEN 856 4SP, Multi-Spiral Rubber Hydraulic Hose645060205075507540603045