With over 20 years of experience in the OEM high-pressure hose industry, we are known for our advanced manufacturing capabilities, technical excellence, and friendly customer service.

The members of the Schieffer family along with ProPulse’s President and CEO, Jeff Theis, began the assembly and manufacturing entity in Peosta, IA in 1998 under the name Schieffer Co. International, L.C.—now known as ProPulse, A Schieffer Company after re-branding in 2015.


Innovative and engaged, we produce optimal hose solutions for the challenges you face.

Behind the Hose at ProPulse

Manufacturing over 45 million feet of hose and assembling over 2.5 million custom high-pressure hose assemblies per year, we are one of the largest high-pressure hose manufacturers in North America.

We work with you to find the best solutions, as well as the right hose. ProPulse technical hose experts can come on-site to help with design and routing. By working together with your team, we can create a superior system that pushes fluids faster and more efficiently than ever.

When you tap the expertise of the “hose pros,” you’ll get great results at no additional cost. On-time delivery will keep you on track, and the team’s responsiveness will exceed your expectations.

Right-sized for quick action and reaction, we will be with you throughout the process of developing new products and to address your specific customers’ needs.

Quarterly business reviews provide recommendations for value improvements—based on your history of demand and shipping—all of which you can access in real-time with a state-of-the-art WebDirect ERP platform. We’ve saved numerous customers time and money by analyzing ordering patterns and buying habits while suggesting tweaks to streamline inventory and shipping.


Carrying on Generations of Growth

ProPulse's story began in Dusseldorf, Germany 1923.

Anton Schieffer, a rubber goods trader, established Schieffer GmbH & Co. KG. The firm grew and prospered, but World War II brought disaster—the company was completely destroyed. In 1945, Schieffer GmbH & Co. KG was rebuilt in Lippstadt, and success followed again. Twenty-five years later, Anton Schieffer transferred the business to his sons, Egon and Joachim, who took the company to new heights. Under their direction, Schieffer entered the high-pressure hose business with excellent results.

In 1998, after presiding over significant growth, the brothers passed the company to the third generation. Ekkehart Schieffer and Wilfried Schieffer-Adick executed a plan for global expansion that included subsidiaries in Israel and Romania.

At the same time, Schieffer Co. International, L.C. was founded in Peosta, Iowa, by the Schieffer family and managing partner, Jeff Theis, a 30-year veteran of the high-pressure fluid industry. Peosta was chosen, in part, because it is located in the geographic center of the country, allowing for efficient distribution. The location also puts the company in the heart of the U.S agricultural and construction machine manufacturing area.

Today, we are continuing to grow. Our management team is focused on detailed strategic planning that considers and addresses both the internal and external factors that affect the business. Most recently, we have invested in a new office space, warehouse, and land for further expansion. We have also purchased additional equipment to increase our manufacturing hose capacity by 50%.


The ProPulse Difference

We offer the right balance of experience and flexibility to make incredible improvements to a wide range of markets—innovating current standards is our strong suit.

On-time delivery and quality are automatic when information, documents and processes are controlled.

Longevity isn’t just company history—it’s about knowing industry trends and where our business is headed.

Engineering, prototyping, manufacturing and assembling hoses is the main wheelhouse of expertise.

On-time delivery and quality are automatic when information, documents and processes are controlled.

Support specialists and technical experts are readily available to provide knowledge and assistance when you need it. 

Core Values

ProPulse Core Values serve as guidelines not only for behavior, but also support consistency in daily decision-making processes and help focus on hiring the right people.


We are honest and mutually respectful of our internal and external customers.


We embrace flexibility as a challenge for our products and our approach to change.


We insist upon safety and unsurpassed quality of all products and processes.


We focus on sustaining growth and value for the future of our company and individually.


We demand of ourselves that we anticipate and go beyond customer expectations.

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Innovating, engineering, and manufacturing hydraulic & high-pressure cleaning hose for OEMs and distributors worldwide.


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