textile sleeving

For Hydraulic Hose

Sleeving can be applied to a portion, or the entire length of a hose to protect it from abrasion prone environments. ProPulse utilizes very tight knit textile sleeving that is 50% less bulky than Cordura, while still meeting or exceeding industry standards. Our sleeving also meets the stringent requirements for operator line of sight protection. The heavy 1300 denier construction has been abrasion tested to over 250,000 cycles per ISO 6945 testing. Depending on the requirements needed, ProPulse also can permanently attach the sleeving by use of steel crimp collars. This adds an extra guarantee that the hose protection stays where it is needed.

Sleeve Features:

  • Ultra tight construction contains oil spillage from pin hole leaks
  • Tight, smooth surface to resist water
  • 50% less bulky than Cordura
  • Densely twisted proprietary engineered fabric offers optimum UV & abrasion protection
  • MSHA# IC-234/1


  • Melting Point: 480°F/248°C
  • Denier: 1300
  • Material: Proprietary engineered fabric
  • Dim. Stability: Great resistance to sun, atmospheric agents
    and aging
  • Toxicity: Non-toxic
  • Made in the USA

Fully Meets or Exceeds the Following Specifications:

  •  EN982 ISO norm 833 EN414
  • Australian MDG41
  • RoHS
  • ISO 6945
  • Fed-STD191-Test Method 5309 for abrasion
  • ASTM D6770 for abrasion resistance of textile webbing
  • ISO 8031


  • Not all sizes stocked at all times. Some specifications may vary. Please inquire about availability. ProPulse reserves the right to make any engineering or material changes at any time to our products for enhancement, performance, and quality.