hydraulic hose protection options

Hydraulic hose reliability is crucial for equipment uptime and dependability, but challenging environments and applications push hose design to the limit. Once a hose has experienced cover damage and wear, it’s only a matter of time before hose failure and machine down time will occur.

When rough applications are the norm, it’s essential to protect and prolong hose life to keep equipment functioning.

ProPulse offers several solutions to help defend against the leading causes of hose failure: combat abrasion and impact cover damage.

Textile Sleeve

Textile sleeving can be applied to the entire hose length or just a portion to protect the hose from abrasion prone environments.

Spiral Guard

Spiral guarding can protect hose from impact, abrasion, cuts and crushing loads, as well as provide UV protection. It can be applied during or after a hose is crimped.

Spring Guard

Plated steel spring guarding greatly protects hydraulic hoses from damage due to impact and compression. It also acts as a bend restrictor or "kink guard".