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ProPulse Offering Constant Pressure Isobaric Hoses

ProPulse offers a selection of isobaric hose to simplify the hose selection process and reduce complexity by offering classes of constant working pressure hoses. These hoses are designed and tested to requirements of the ISO 18752 specification. ISO 18752 is a more recent hose specification that is becoming more widely adopted in industry due to its straightforward approach in classifying hoses.

There is no sacrifice in performance when choosing from an isobaric hose line. Each of these hoses are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards and tested to the most rigorous conditions that meet or exceed common SAE or ISO standards.

ProPulse Isobaric Hose Selection:

Click on the table cells to see specifications for each hose series.

ProPulse Hose SeriesDN6101216192531
Inch1/43/81/25/83/411 1/4
1000 Series7 MPa / 1000 PSI1000100010001SC1SC1SC1000
3000 Series21 MPa / 3000 PSI170017001700170017001700Coming Soon
4000 Series28 MPa / 4000 PSI190019001900190019004000*4000*Coming Soon
5000 Series35 MPa / 5000 PSI50005000*5000*5000*
6000 Series42 MPa / 6000 PSI6000*6000*6000*

* 4 or 6 wire spiral

Not all sizes are stocked at all times. Some specifications may vary. Please inquire about availability. ProPulse reserves the right to make any engineering or material changes at any time to our products for enhancement, performance, and quality.