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ProPulse Grease Lines for Lubrication of OEM Equipment

Applications for Grease Lubrication Lines in Mobile Hydraulics

  • Construction Machinery
  • Mining Equipment
  • Transportation/Vehicles
  • Others

ProPulse provides Thermoplastic Grease Lubrication lines that are essential for industrial, agricultural, and construction equipment. We manufacture these hoses start to finish in our Peosta, IA manufacturing facility. ProPulse routinely designs and fabricates for OEM and full lubrication systems. Proper Lubrication of machines help them to perform, as well as with preventative maintenance of a machine. Too little or too much grease lubrication can cause irreversible damage to machines. ProPulse offers a thermoplastic grease lubrication lines, that help OEMs save their loyal customers hundreds of dollars in repairs. Our thermoplastic grease lubrication lines are suitable for most mineral and synthetic oil based hydraulic fluids. Our engineers and design service teams will work with you to assess your individual needs and provide you with a thermoplastic lubrication line, that works for you. ProPulse offers a level of technical service far beyond that of most hose suppliers, tailoring our approach to your unique needs.

Industries that use Thermoplastic grease line are: Agriculture, Construction, Hydraulics, Industrial, Transportation


• Low to High Temperature range 
• Exceeds SAE standards
• Environmentally safe
• Compatible with chemicals 
• Extended shelf life

Thermoplastic Grease Lubrication Line Manufacturing

ProPulse manufactures SAE thermoplastic hose using all raw virgin material — never regrind. This results in a strong hose that is more resistant to pin hole leaks and other failures. ProPulse hoses are 100% manufactured at their plant in Peosta, Iowa, allowing competative pricing and quick turnaround times

ISO 9001:2015 Certified & Full PPAP Capabilities

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