High-Pressure Hose Assemblies

for OEMs & Distributors

As industry changes, so do the needs of customers. A one-size-fits-all approach no longer works for everyone or every product. Our engineering and design service teams will work with you to assess your individual needs and provide a OEM custom hydraulic hose solution that works for you. We offer a level of technical service far beyond that of most hose suppliers, tailoring our approach to your needs. In addition to industry standard items, we routinely design and manufacture OEM custom hoses.

As an OEM custom hose manufacturer, our output exceeds two million hose assemblies per year—half of which are engineered and manufactured as custom solutions. From flexible pressure wash hose and high-pressure cleaning hose, to industrial hydraulic hose and just about any SAE hose assembly in-between, we can deliver the high-pressure hose assembly you need to keep the fluid flowing.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified & Full PPAP Capabilities

Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

for OEM's

We make hydraulic hose assemblies for a wide range of applications including agriculture, construction and material handling. From OEM hydraulic hose to custom thermoplastic hydraulic hose, we have the knowledge and experience to manufacture the hydraulic hose you want in the timeframe you need. Our thermoplastic hydraulic hose provide numerous benefits over traditional rubber hose assemblies. With permeation resistance, high flexibility, compact ID dimensions, and low contamination risk, it’s no wonder why thermoplastic hydraulic hoses are quickly becoming the standard for OEM hydraulic equipment manufacturers.

Cleaning Hose Assemblies

for OEM's

With a continuous focus on product development, we have obtained multiple patents for innovative high-pressure hose assemblies. Our patented UberFlex™ hoses are preferred by pressure washer manufacturers on their middle and high-end commercial equipment. ProPulse’s Arm-A-Flex™ heavy duty cleaning hose features an ultra-high molecular weight jacket designed to extend hose cover life by up to ten times. The Cleanstream™ performance cleaning hose is ideal for cold water paint and flat surface preparation, commercial car cleaning, agricultural cleaning and a whole lot more. From pressure washing and car washing, to carpet cleaning and sewer jet applications, we provide an array of quality high-pressure cleaning hoses.

ProPulse Now! Hose Assemblies

for Distributors

Whether you need high-pressure hose for commercial or consumer pressure washer cleaning, car washing, carpet cleaning or sewer jetting and drain cleaning, the ProPulse Now! program stocks over 150 commonly used hose assemblies and provides access to industry exclusive patent and patent pending hose products. You can expect shipment within 24 hours (often same day) on inventory instock and enjoy access to discounts based on annual sales and volume purchases. The industry standard high-pressure cleaning products you want, with the quick turnaround time you need. That’s ProPulse Now!

OEM Custom & SAE Hose

We can deliver OEM custom hose and standard SAE hydraulic hose including: SAE 100R7, SAE 100R8, SAE 100R16, SAE 100R17, and more.

Our products are available worldwide through distributors, retailers, and OEM partnerships and are backed by more than 90 years of experience and innovation. The Schieffer International Group has three operations (Germany, Romania and USA) and specializes in value-engineered thermoplastic and rubber hose.

Hydraulic Hose Manufacturer USA

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing hose company with expert knowledge in engineering superior thermoplastic hydraulic hose and thermoplastic pressure washer hose. This, along with full PPAP capabilities, assures our customers that their projects are in good hands. Diligent work is what satisfies OEM requirements. 

Because our hydraulic hoses are made in Iowa, we can deliver competitively priced and high quality hose assembly products with quick turnaround times.

Unlike other hydraulic hose companies, such as Gates hydraulic hose, Eaton hydraulic hose, and Kurt Hydraulics, our superior thermoplastic hydraulic hose is 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA. This, and our focus on continual product improvement, is what makes ProPulse’s thermoplastic hose the best hose for OEM hydraulic equipment.

Innovating, engineering, and manufacturing hydraulic & high-pressure cleaning hose for OEMs and distributors worldwide.


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