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Right-sized for quick action and reaction, ProPulse will be with you all the way, throughout the process of designing and engineering new construction equipment launches, re-designs or addressing hose performance issues.

Construction Hydraulic Equipment Applications:

  • SAE Hydraulic Assemblies
  • Lubrication Hose
  • Grease Hose
  • Pilot Lines

Every construction project is dynamic in nature—many moving parts and complicated, interdependent schedules to manage. Construction equipment is a key performance indicator of both production efficiency and effectiveness. Unplanned stops or disruptions to construction due to equipment failure are the most common unexpected factors that severely and negatively impact schedules and budgets. Construction equipment manufacturers know that every component of the equipment they produce must be counted on for performance. If equipment downtime happens in the field for a customer, it means lost production and profits and puts at risk the OEMs reputation and customer loyalty.

Using quality components to keep machines and equipment operating is essential for reliability and productivity—it can be the overriding difference between a timely completed and profitable project, and one that is late and over budget.

Construction equipment manufacturers must design and produce in a way that ensures continuous uptime and availability for their customers. This is a critical differentiator in an industry with plenty of choices. Assets such as backhoes, excavators, or any heavy production equipment significantly rely on construction hydraulic hoses to run at optimal performance. At ProPulse, we can partner with you so you can keep your customer commitments and costs associated with field issues. We combine our unmatched value proposition with our extensive, best-in-line hydraulic and high-performance hoses, fittings, and accessories to become the most trusted provider of construction hose solutions.


Unparalleled Value

We take a proactive approach to mitigate unplanned supply interruptions. First, we monitor supply chains to ensure there is no disruption in our supply chain and continuity is reached. We will always have the parts to make the parts you need. Secondly, we strategically forecast production and shipment schedules ahead of time to meet our customers’ requirements. You have your parts on time, every time. We’ll keep your production line fed so you can maximize time to market and profits.

ProPulse promises industry-leading customer service and expertise even before you commit to your first order. We will always go the proverbial extra mile to add value through impeccable service, supply reliability, industry expertise, and high-quality hose assemblies.

Best-in-Class Construction Hoses and Accessories

Hydraulic hose reliability is crucial for construction equipment uptime and dependability. ProPulse’s extensive line of hydraulic hoses, fittings, and accessories meet all of today’s challenging environments and applications in the construction industry. We offer several hose solutions that withstand even the most demanding working conditions, including weathering, ozone, impact, heat, cold, and abrasion. From our SAE thermoplastic hydraulic hoses to SAE low-temperature hydraulic hoses, ProPulse is your custom OEM construction hydraulic hose provider.

We have been providing construction hose solutions for over 20 years. Let our engineering and design service teams work with you to assess your individual needs and provide a hydraulic hose solution that works for you. In addition to best-in-class items, ProPulse routinely designs and fabricates OEM custom hoses for the construction and forestry market. ProPulse offers a level of technical service far beyond that of most hose suppliers, tailoring our approach to your unique needs.

ISO 9001:2015 Compliant & Full PPAP Capabilities

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On time shipment is extremely critical to my R&D department. ProPulse delivers.​
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ProPulse understands our needs and works with us to help reduce costs while maintaining product quality.​
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Whenever we’re looking to make changes to our products, we always feel we are getting direct answers from knowledgeable people at ProPulse.”​
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