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Whether it’s rubber or thermoplastic hose, we have the hydraulic hose assembly solution you’re looking for. Our nimble manufacturing capabilities give you options to ensure you get the best hose for your OEM hydraulic equipment. Additionally, we have in-house testing capabilities for every dynamic test within SAE and EN norms.

Our evaluations focus on simulating environmental concerns to see how hose assemblies will perform under different types of stress. We have invested heavily in the infrastructure and capital equipment needed to help OEM hydraulic equipment manufacturers reduce downtime, increase safety, and avoid costly damages from failures.

Consistent testing and retesting, in conjunction with audits and ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensures the quality of our operation and all high-pressure hose products.

ProPulse is an extremely valuable supplier to Claas Omaha. Their dedication to quality, delivery, and pricing is second to none in the industry. Claas Omaha’s relationship with ProPulse over the last decade is the Gold Standard of supplier/customer benchmark. We are looking forward to this continued partnership for the next decade in delivering superior customer satisfaction!
James Pearson
Senior buyer at CLAAS

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hydraulic hose protection options

Hydraulic hose reliability is crucial for equipment uptime and dependability. Today’s challenging environments and
applications push hose designs to the limits. Hose life can greatly be extended in these demanding conditions
through the use of hose protection.

When rough applications are the norm, it is essential to protect and prolong hose life to keep equipment functioning. Leading causes of hose failure are abrasions and impact. Once a hose has experienced cover damage and wear, it is only a matter of time before hose failure and machine down time will occur.

ProPulse offers several solutions to help prolong hose life and combat abrasion and impact cover damage.

Textile Sleeve

Sleeving can be applied to the entire hose length or just a portion of the hose to protect the hose from abrasion-prone environments. Learn more here!

Spiral Guard

Spiral guarding can be applied during or after a hose is crimped. Learn more about ProPulse spiral guards!

Spring Guard

Plated steel spring guarding greatly protect hydraulic hoses from damage due to impacts and compression. View our spring guard options!


Hydraulic Hose Markets

We partner with OEM hydraulic equipment manufacturers  to learn their industry inside and out. We create custom hydraulic hose assemblies in our USA-based hydraulic hose manufacturing plant. We have vast product knowledge and 25 years of experience in producing results. So we can take some of the pressure off you. 

You don’t need to make all the correct product and application decisions on their own. We are here to help you get the best hose for your hydraulic equipment.

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