(Hot Water)

It’s an undeniable fact: most rubber pressure washer hoses wear from the outside in, rather than the inside out, and in some applications, that happens way too fast. Wooden decks, asphalt roofs/surfaces and concrete can all tear up a hose cover. ProPulse Arm-a-Flex™ boasts a specially engineered ultra-high molecular weight jacket designed to extend hose cover life by up to ten times. NOT FOR STEAM.
  • Connectors: SOLxSWV
  • Reinforcement: 2-Layer Wire Braid
  • Cover: UHMWPE Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethyene
  • Inner Diameter: 3/8”
  • Working (Maximum): 4785 PSI
  • Burst (Min) 4:1 Working Pressure
  • Impulse Life: 200,000+
  • Temperature (Max): 212°F

Commercial Arm-A-Flex™ Polyethyene | 3/8” 4785 PSI (212°) (2-Wire Braid)

Item Code | Description

989400258 | PW RBR 2WIRE T3 3/8"x50' 4785PSI, SOLxSWV, 2 RED BR (black)
989400272 | PW RBR 2WIRE T3 3/8"x100' 4785PSI, SOLxSWV, 2 RED BR (black)