Commercial Cleanstream


Traditional rubber hose is heavy, leaves marks and is hard to handle. ProPulse is proud to introduce this revolutionary, new and application specific solution for the most demanding high performance cold water hose. Exclusive to ProPulse, this patented product is ideally suited for cold-water flat surface preparation, commercial car cleaning, agricultural cleaning and a whole lot more! NOT FOR HOT WATER OR STEAM

  • Connectors: SOLxSWV
  • Reinforcement: One-Layer Wire Braid
  • Cover: Matte Textured Thermoplastic
  • Inner Diameter: 5/16″ or 3/8”
  • Working (Max): 4000 PSI
  • Burst (Min) 3:1 Working Pressure
  • Impulse Life: 200,000+
  • Temperature (Max): 140°F
  • Volume Discounts: Quantities of 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, 200 and 300

Commercial Cleanstream™ | 5/16” 4000PSI (140°F) (1-Wire Briad)

Item Code | Description

489400026 | HYBD HS 5/16”x50’ 4000PSI BLUE SOLxSWV 2BR

Commercial Cleanstream™ | 3/8” 4000PSI (140°F) (1-Wire Briad)

Item Code | Description

489400008 | HYBD HS 3/8”x50’ 4000PSI GREY SOLxSWV 2BR
489400009 | HYBD HS 3/8”x100’ 4000PSI GREY SOLxSWV 2BR
489400011 | HYBD HS 3/8”x50’ 4000PSI BLACK SOLxSWV 2BR
489400013 | HYBD HS 3/8”x25’ 4000PSI BLUE SOLxSWV 2BR
489400014 | HYBD HS 3/8”x50’ 4000PSI BLUE SOLxSWV 2BR
489400015 | HYBD HS 3/8”x100’ 4000PSI BLUE SOLxSWV 2BR