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Let ProPulse take you on a power trip—their facility, technical excellence and equipment are simply impressive.

Two decades of partnering with numerous worldwide OEM’s has built the foundation for ProPulse’s sound business ethics, and the company consistently fulfills strict quality and delivery requirements.

ProPulse’s team of qualified specialists delivers above industry standards. This wealth of experience is reflected in their commitment to quality, reputation for technical excellence as well as their integrity & business ethics.

ProPulse’s manufacturing capabilities have a reputation for unsurpassed turn-around time; engineering, design and development; and prototype assemblies to help get projects off the ground quickly. 

ProPulse's in-house testing capabilities account for every dynamic test within SAE and EN norms.

ProPulse’s evaluations focus on simulating environmental concerns to see how hose assemblies will perform under different types of stress. Invested heavily in the infrastructure and capital equipment needed to help OEM customers reduce downtime, increasing safety and reducing costly damages from failures is priority. 

Consistent testing and retesting, in conjunction with audits and ISO 9001:2015 certification, assures the quality of their operation and products.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified & Full PPAP Capabilities

ProPulse offers a level of technical service far beyond that of most hose suppliers, tailoring our approach specific to your industry needs.

Heat Shrink Capping Technology

ProPulse uses heat shrink technology to securely seal the ends of their hydraulic hose assemblies, providing a superior alternative to traditional caps and plugs. The seal cap uses a tear strip that can be removed in just seconds. This improves the customer’s speed of assembly and further mitigates the risk of contamination by keeping the hose covered until the exact moment of installation.

Spectro Technology

ProPulse uses spectro technology to measure reflected or transmitted light at many points on the visual spectrum, which results in a curve. Since the curve of each color is as unique as a finger print, it is the optimal tool for identifying, specifying and matching exact pantone colors for branding purposes. 

Crimping Technology

ProPulse’s proprietary PLC controlled automatic assembly lines and crimping technology are the most innovative and advanced machinery in North America; they support the low cost of throughput with very high-quality results.


Custom Hose Solutions

All products can be improved.

We’ll help you make it better at any stage, whether you choose to engage ProPulse early in product ideation sessions, in design review and feasibility or in prototyping and packaging development. Our experienced team can help with materials specification, streamlining process development and other steps to evolve your product toward market.

Research & Strategic Planning

ProPulse can help you factor product viability, intellectual property, risk management, strategic sourcing and target cost management in your early-stage product development.

Design & Development

Assessing manufacturability of your design, materials and processes, ProPulse team members can help you with design enhancement recommendations and iterative development stages.


ProPulse is equipped with the knowledge, processes and facilities to help you with product validation and proof-of-concept evaluation samples, supporting clinical trials and other approval stages – all produced with environmental clean-room and dry-room controls to assure quality.

ISO 9001:2015

ProPulse offers quality audits, testing and documentation, in an ISO 9001:2015 facility, offering labeling and traceability with strict lot controls.

Packaging & Distribution

Beyond the converting, production and semi-automated assembly of your product, ProPulse can help with package design, in-line pouching and printing, as well as planning and managing contracted services, such as sterilization, logistics and freight.

Full PPAP Capabilities

ProPulse can help you factor product viability, intellectual property, risk management, strategic sourcing and target cost management in your early-stage product development.


Power Up With ProPulse

Optimized Capacity. Technical Excellence. Powerful Results

ProPulse is a vertically integrated manufacturing company that has served the hydraulic industry for more than 25 years, first as a distributor and then as a manufacturer. 

Almost ½ of what ProPulse manufactures are a customized solutions. Engineering, prototyping, manufacturing and assembling hoses is the main wheelhouse of expertise. 


Manual Assembly

5,000 sq ft
ProPulse Controlled Performance PLC Controlled Automatic Lines

Automatic Assembly

Extrusion & Braiding


Shipping & Receiving

New Facility

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