Continuous Improvement Taken Seriously

It's not just an ISO requirement—at ProPulse, is a responsibility.

It is ProPulse’s mission to build a company through the unified pursuit of sustainable growth and value. This means never being content with operational performance, because at ProPulse we are always striving for better.

Each day, we work on continually improving as individuals, a team and as a company.

This is possible through clear, cohesive planning and organizational alignment. 

The result is a well-run high-pressure hose manufacturer with innovative methods of communicating with customers. This ensures customer requirements are determined and met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement

ProPulse is consistently improving. We believe that there is always an opportunity for us to meet our customers’ needs better.

In a world where OEM’s needs are continuously changing, we are dedicated to advancing our manufacturing process. If there is a better, faster, or smarter way to do things, you can trust ProPulse will find it.

Consistent 99.99% On-Time Delivery

While other suppliers may have issues sourcing their products, we manufacture all of our thermoplastic hoses in house and have the capacity to meet your requirements.

Minimize Scrap

ProPulse continues to minimize the amount of scrap and waste from our hose production.

Doubled in Size & Still Growing

We have grown our employee base from six to 126. In the last five years we have doubled in size and we predict to continue this growth into the future.

Encourage Employee Growth

We value our team, which is why we encourage our employees to improve their skills while supplying them with the tools necessary to grow from their current role.

Investment in New Technology

ProPulse understands the importance of innovation, so we invest in new manufacturing solutions to build a better hose.

Expansion of Facilities

Because of our rapid growth, we have purchased an additional building and expanded our manufacturing facility in order to meet the needs of our customers and our employees.