New Patent Award for UberFlex™

New Patent Award for UberFlex™

A high-pressure, highly flexible, stable length thermoplastic hose, reinforces ProPulse®—a Schieffer Company’s position in the pressure washer market.

PEOSTA, IA— ProPulse®, a manufacturer of hose for the high-pressure fluid conveyance, is pleased to announce that its UberFlex™ hose has been granted U.S. Patent Number 9,046,201, with other patents pending. Developed for pressure washer manufacturers on their middle and high-end consumer products, UberFlex, delivers a revolutionary upgrade from the standard consumer grade thermoplastic pressure washer hose.

UberFlex possesses the unique properties of superior resistance to permanent kinking and abrasion, as well as stability in length. Another great feature of the UberFlex hose is the snag resistance of the matte-finish textured cover. The coefficient of friction is reduced greatly because of the finish and texture, which means better hose management for pressure washer users.


This patent is very important to ProPulse. Our R&D strategy is to develop and innovate ahead of the market acceleration so we can participate in and shape new market opportunities as they emerge. The UberFlex patent is an example of the significant investments we are making in the advancement of high-pressure thermoplastic hose.

Ultimately, the patented manufacturing technology behind UberFlex serves the end user—the customers of ProPulse’s OEM partners and distributors. “In the new age of online customer reviews, retailers and OEMs are listening to their customers talk about the lightweight, flexible and kink resistant benefits of the UberFlex hose and that is driving demand,” says Ryan Humphrey, VP of Sales and Marketing for ProPulse.

Since its introduction to the market two years ago, UberFlex has become the preferred hose by pressure washer manufacturers on their middle to high end consumer product and a top seller for aftermarket distributors of pressure washer accessories.

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