ProPulse Receives Bronze EcoVadis Certification

ProPulse is proud to receive the Bronze Sustainability rating from EcoVadis for the second year in a row.

What is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. As of 2021, the company has rated 90,000 companies based on their four sustainability themes: environment, labor & human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

EcoVadis also provides training to educate suppliers on the EcoVadis assessment in order to optimize their responses and improve on their sustainability performance and practices. ProPulse participates in EcoVadis Academy, which provides our business with guided courses to develop sustainability management practices and improve environmental and social outcomes.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices

As a U.S. manufacturer of high-pressure hoses, ProPulse aims to limit the waste made from producing and sourcing hydraulic and pressure washing hoses. We are committed to producing quality hose with limited impact to our surrounding community and environment. Because of that commitment, ProPulse has partnered with EcoVadis since 2021.

From our partnership with EcoVadis, ProPulse has been able to assess what areas of our manufacturing require innovation and efficiency updates.

Purposeful changes ProPulse made in 2022:

  • Sourcing Energy from Manufacturing– To cut down on our energy consumption, we reuse and source energy from our chillers and compressors to heat the building in the winter.  
  • Reducing Water Consumption- We’ve reconsidered our water consumption in our manufacturing and testing processes.
  • Efficient Lighting- All of the lighting in our facilities are LED, which can reduce energy waste in comparison to traditional lighting.
  • Transitioning Departments to Paperless- Recently our maintenance team and quality departments have switched to a 100% paperless reporting procedure. This has reduced our paper usage by an estimated 250 pages a week!

With the updates, ProPulse improved our EcoVadis score from 50 in 2021 to 53 in 2022. Our score places ProPulse in the 60th percentile, with our best sustainability score in the labor and human rights category. To read more about our updates, read our Power Moving Forward, Sustainably blog.

Power Moving Forward

At ProPulse we are always trying to improve. From our relationships with our customers, to our production processes, we believe in sustainable improvement through all of the aspects of our business. Whether that is adding solar to our parking lot lighting or switching from mail to email. ProPulse will continue to consider and implement sustainable manufacturing practices.