Choose a Partner, Not a Vendor.

ProPulse creates synergy within the supply chain—to form a win-win partnership.

Delivering results, reliability and rock-solid relationships for more than 20 years, ProPulse is a partner to numerous OEM’s and distributors, providing everything they need to succeed. With you in mind, customer service specialists and technical product experts are readily available to provide knowledge and assistance when you need it. 

ProPulse works with you to find the best solutions, as well as the right high pressure hose—they’ll even come on-site to help with design and routing. Alongside your team, creating a superior system is the desired outcome.

ProPulse goes beyond the traditional customer-vendor relationship to work hand-in-hand with clients to execute optimal plans. Powering your business forward. 

Information Sharing

Openness and honesty exist. ProPulse initiates communication of accurate information and openly shares ideas and resources to support continuous improvement.

Responsiveness & Problem Resolution

ProPulse pro-actively initiates resolution and implements corrective action as quickly as possible.

Business Partnership

At ProPulse, they'll develop mutually beneficial and profitable partnerships with customers, allowing success in the marketplace that is aligned to ProPulse’s mission, vision and value

ProPulse works best in the trenches with the customers, seeing how the products are used every day and what issues are faced. They are the the self-proclaimed “geek” of the high-pressure hose world.

And that is all good news for you.

Standing Behind a Hose Partner with Power.

Nobody does more to ensure the success of their OEM's and distributors than ProPulse.


What does the “ProPulse Difference” mean to you?

 Our successful business partnership was built on trust, loyalty and superior quality products. And in the rare instance any issue occurs, your team of experts is readily available, attentive and reactive to our specific needs. Always.


What specific issues did you encounter before partnering with ProPulse?

Prior to ProPulse, there was simply no sense of urgency from our vendor when it came to daily communication, to quotes or resolution of issues.


Why does Ultimate Washer partner with ProPulse?

Not only is the pricing fair, but the customer support and product quality are next to none. ProPulse helped us ramp up and cultivate better business, ultimately resulting in more sales and profits.