Consumer Clean


This entry level cleaning hose is best suited for gas and electric cold-water pressure washers up to 2.5 GPM. Available in lengths of 25’, 30’ and 50′, the Consumer Clean is a good choice for residential and light-duty cleaning environments. NOT FOR HOT WATER OR STEAM.
  • Connectors: M22xM22 or M22xFBSPPSWL
  • Reinforcement: Textile Braid 
  • Cover: Smooth Thermoplastic
  • Inner Diameter: 1/4″
  • Working (Max) 3100 PSI
  • Burst (Min): 3:1 Working Pressure
  • Impulse Life: 100,000+
  • Maximum Temperature: 140 F

Consumer Clean Thermoplastic | 1/4” 3100PSI (140°F) (Textile Braid)

Item Code | Description

646200081 | PW PLS OPP BK 1/4"x25' 3100PSI, M22xM22, 2BR LONG NUTS (black)
646200085 | PW PLS OPP BK 1/4"x30' 3100PSI, M22xM22, 2BR LONG NUTS (black)
646200098 | PW PLS OPP BK 1/4"x50' 3100PSI, M22xM22, 2BR LONG NUTS (black)