COVID-19 Status Update

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay Informed.

Since early March we have taken dozens of steps to support our employees, who understand the ESSENTIAL need for high-pressure cleaning, spray extraction and hydraulic hoses during this imperative time.

On this page, the operational  status of ProPulse will be updated on a weekly basis through a series of green, amber and red status indicators to provide regular updates to our distributors, key accounts and customers.

Fully operational.

Issues, but manageable.

Restrictions & constraints.

STATUS UPDATE: May 13, 2020

Sales & Support

Staff is 100% available. No delays in order processing.


Production is running at 100% output.


Production is running at 100% output.

Lead Time

The lead time is our standard 5-7 production days.

Supply Chain

Stock/deliveries are normal with no delays.

Shipping Time

Outbound shipments are 100% on time.

Disclaimer: This information represents the current status of operations as of 05/13/2020 and is for informational purposes only.