COVID-19 Status Update

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Demand and order planning is a continuous improvement process at ProPulse. Every day, a multi-department team meets to proactively react to order changes, identify issues in the supply chain and work toward resolution; adjusting plans to support our customer requirements. Right now, our lead-time for extrusion/braiding is 24 weeks for all new non-forecast demands. This includes pulling forward orders on any extruded items as it impacts both thermoplastic cleaning hoses and thermoplastic hydraulic hoses manufactured at ProPulse. For reference, all of our extruded thermoplastic product part numbers begin with 4894, 6462 or 6862.24

Fully operational.

Issues, but manageable.

Restrictions & constraints.

STATUS UPDATE: April 7, 2021

Sales & Support

Staff is 100% available. No delays in order processing.


Production is running at 100% output.


Production is running at 100% output.

Lead Time

Hose Assembly: Standard 5-7 days. Extrusion/Braiding: Standard 24 weeks.

Supply Chain

Stock/deliveries are normal with no delays.

Shipping Time

Outbound shipments are 100% on time.

Disclaimer: This information represents the current status of operations as of 4/7/2021 and is for informational purposes only.