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ProPulse products help keep your Power Moving Forward in a variety of industries and in countless applications. Click on any image below to view the product information sheet, or to download a PDF.

ProPulse Now Catalog

We stock over 150 of the most widely used hose assemblies for six vertical markets: commercial cleaning, consumer cleaning, carpet cleaning, carwash cleaning, sewer jetting and drain cleaning. As an added effort to provide value and service to our customers, we have structured pricing based on revenue and quantity commitments to ProPulse.

Hydraulic Catalog

ProPulse hydraulic hoses are strong and long-lasting, right for many applications. Our catalog has over 80 pages of hoses of hydraulic hoses and fittings.


The latest technology from ProPulse™ delivers a revolutionary upgrade from the standard consumer grade, agriculture and light commercial duty cold water pressure washer hose. UberFlex possesses the unique properties of superior resistance to permanent kinking and abrasion, and stability in length. Optional textured cover can be added for reduced snagging and drag resistance, and overall ease of handling. UberFlex hoses are preferred by pressure washer manufacturers on their middle and high end entry level products.