We have the right balance of experience and flexibility to make incredible improvements to a wide range of markets—innovating current standards is our strong suit.

You’ll find that ProPulse offers distinct advantages.  Our customers enjoy custom-designed solutions, better engineering and design, and a “craft” product specifically formulated to improve performance. Our team of experts are the “hose pros.” We are partner-focused, quick and flexible, responsive and innovative. We will figure out the kinks in your operation and set things straight.

One hundred percent of our high quality products are assembled in the USA. They are also tested and re-tested here, under the direction of our experienced technical staff. Our thermoplastic hose is made entirely in the USA. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, the quality of our operation and products is assured.

ProPulse maintains strong connections with our German partners, the owners of Schieffer Co. GmbH & Co. ProPulse inherited a worldly view supported by nearly a century of innovative and precise German design and engineering. The company was conceived and born with this international outlook and partners with customers, OEMs and suppliers across the globe. Many international companies with manufacturing presence in North America choose Propulse solutions as a result.

Our innovative, meticulous products are next-level. We create some of the industry’s best high pressure fluid conveyance hoses. But more than that, we provide well-crafted solutions to the issues and problems our customers encounter. We analyze each situation carefully. We discover the weak links. And we craft a customized solution, based on the right hose for the particular situation. The hose must be “happy” — doing its job well, without kinking or scraping or abrading— for the application to be correct and for our customers to be happy.

At ProPulse, we have devoted significant time and brainpower to formulate a series of procedures, technologies, and tests that result in the highest level of quality. Our hose assembly process is state of the art.  Beyond that, we offer a number of features that make your job simpler. From a product date stamp (allowing easier replacement tracking) and custom stocking programs to kitting options and technical assistance, our capabilities ensure your satisfaction.

At ProPulse, we create partnerships. We go beyond the traditional customer-vendor relationship to work hand-in-hand with our clients execute optimal plans. We are at our best when we are in the proverbial trenches with our customers, seeing how the product is used every day and what issues are faced. We are the self proclaimed “geeks” of the high pressure hose world. And that is good news for our customers.