The most flexible & light weight in the industry!

The latest technology from ProPulse delivers a revolutionary upgrade from the standard commercial cold water pressure washer hose. UberFlex possesses the unique properties of superior resilience to permanent kinking and stability in length. It is also unmatched in abrasion, chemical, ozone and UV resistance. The UberFlex weighs over 10% less than the standard 1-wire rubber hose and the textured polyurethane cover offers reduced snagging and drag resistance—reducing user fatique. UberFlex hoses are preferred by pressure washer manufacturers on their middle and high-end commercial cold-water equipment.

    • Inner Tube: Proprietary water and chemical resistant rubberized thermoplastic blend.
    • Reinforcement: Dual-ply high tenacity polyester with ProPulse® exclusive length stabilizing technology.
    • Cover: Abrasion resistant glossy polyurethane. ProPulse exclusive low tack, low friction finish is optional.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Every foot of ProPulse UberFlex™ is designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA, assembled using imported and/or domestic end fittings.
  • PERMANENT KINK RESISTANCE: Let’s face it—all hoses can be kinked under the right conditions, but the unique UberFlex technology ensures that if the hose is pinched or kinked, it won’t stay that way permanently.
  • FLEXIBILITY: UberFlex feels more like an extension cord than a hose, and possesses the smallest bend radius in its class.
  • TEXTURED COVER: The textured cover upgrade reduces tack and snag tendencies during handling, dragging and reeling.
  • UNMATCHED ABRASION, OZONE, UV AND CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: The proprietary high performance of the UberFlex cover is at least five times more abrasion resistant than traditional PVC covered hose.
  • COLOR MATCH: Colored cover optional with volume purchases.