A hose manufacturing and assembly blog for high pressure fluid conveyance professionals and others who want to tap into our industry and market expertise. We’re the hose pros. Let us take you on a power trip.

Welcome to Our Hose Manufacturing & Assembly Blog

ProPulse innovates, engineers and manufactures unique solutions for users of hoses and fittings for high-pressure fluid conveyance. We’re the hose pros and we are committed to using this hose manufacturing & assembly blog to share our insights and knowledge on a wide variety of topics like:

  • Is your hose happy?
  • What are hose installation best practices?
  • How often should you check your hose assembly for soundness and safety?
  • What components make up a full hose assembly?
  • Why is the bend radius of a hose important?
  • What causes hydraulic hose failure?
  • How does temperature affect the hose assembly?
  • Application Considerations: What’s the best for your system?
  • What does STAMPED stand for?
  • Is it OK to use hose and fittings from different manufacturers?