Past. Present. Power Moving Forward.

Longevity isn’t just company history—it’s about knowing industry trends and where ProPulse’s business is headed.

ProPulse—a Schieffer Company is backed by nearly a century of innovative and precise German design and engineering. They partner with vendors and OEMs from across the globe and network in diverse market groups.
ProPulse has done a comprehensive analysis of the market and identified your company as a leader among your peers. They know that what you do dovetails with their core strengths. 

ProPulse can’t say that about every company, and frankly, they don’t sell to just anyone. ProPulse is quietly confident that what they do better than anyone is support production lines where there are concentrations of high volume, small bore hoses and know that is what you do.

Today, ProPulse is successful and growing, having doubled in the last five years. Their management team is focused on a detailed strategic planning process that considers and addresses both the internal and external factors and conditions that affect the business. Most recently, ProPulse invested in a new building with office space, warehousing and land for further expansion. Additional equipment was also purchased to increase manufacturing hose capacity by another 50%.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified & Full PPAP Capabilities

ProPulse offers a level of technical service far beyond that of most hose suppliers, tailoring our approach specific to your industry needs.

ProPulse works closely with customers to bring the best innovative products to the marketplace by:


 always focusing on customer satisfaction and success; 


continuously improving products and productivity for the entire life cycle of the products; 


responding rapidly to changing customer needs and market demands; 


continually working to reduce total cost while maintaining top quality and performance; 


and working together to help each other take advantage of growth opportunities.

Innovating engineering and manufacturing hydraulic & high-pressure cleaning hose for OEMs and distributors worldwide.



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