At ProPulse, we’re passionate about hose manufacturing. Curious and smart, we always find the best solutions to the challenges our customers face. We’ll analyze your product and its purposes. We’ll research the situations and circumstances of product use. We’ll solve problems. Using hose.

Hose Manufacturing at ProPulse

ProPulse products are backed by 90 years of German design and engineering, courtesy of the Schieffer Company International Group.  In the US, ProPulse is staffed by bright technical experts, trained to troubleshoot and triangulate.

We’re large enough to be a leader in the fluid power industry, but small enough to be responsive and fast on our feet. Embracing change and innovation, we craft individualized products and solutions. We don’t take short cuts.

We live for this. And you’ll be glad. Because we’ll help you get the right hose to fit your special application. Peak performance and enhanced results will follow. We’re the hose pros. Welcome to ProPulse.