Curious and smart, ProPulse always find the best solutions to the challenges customers face.

Hose Manufacturing

Manufacturing 1.5+ million custom high-pressure hose assemblies a year, ProPulse is one of the largest manufacturers of high-pressure hose in North America.

Whether it’s providing an industry standard hose or developing a custom solution, ProPulse is committed to making you a satisfied customer.

They will work with you to find the best solutions, as well as the right hose—ProPulse will even provide technical hose experts to come on-site to help with design and routing. So, together with your team, they can create a superior system that pushes fluids faster and more efficiently than ever.

When you tap the expertise of the “hose pros,” you’ll get great results at no additional cost.Their on-time delivery will keep you on track and their responsiveness will exceed your expectations.

Right-sized for quick  action and reaction, ProPulse will be with you all the way, throughout the process of developing new products and addressing your specific customers’ needs.

They even offer quarterly business reviews in which recommendations for value improvements are given based on your history of demand and shipping. They’ve saved numerous customers time and money by analyzing ordering patterns and buying habits while suggesting tweaks to streamline inventory and shipping.

At ProPulse, they go all in to make you a satisfied customer, guaranteed.